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Cloud Governance is simplified with StackBill - Cloud Management Portal built on top of Apache CloudStack® for CloudStack Billing. From Cost Management to Deployment Acceleration, StackBill CMP is purely enterprise-grade.

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CMP for Enterprises

StackBill helps you to focus on your core competency of business while we help you in accelerating your growth. StackBill Enterprise cloud helps you in complete Cloud Governance from Measuring and Monitoring your cost management, advanced monitoring, security, deployment acceleration, and much more till the CloudStack Billing. Enjoy the most of the Public Cloud features with your enterprise-grade public cloud.

Stackbill Cloud Management Portal for Enterprises is designed to address these very challenges, through features such as:

  • Centralized Resource Management of Multiple Cloud Platforms

  • Automation and Self-service Portal for greater business agility

  • Clear cost visibility for clients both at the project and user level

  • Centralized security and compliance

  • Seamless integration of 3rd party plugins

  • Multi-cloud Governance

  • Powerful micro-services architecture for simplified Cloud management.

  • Instant deployment

A quick glance at Instance Creation on the User Portal of StackBill CMP
Reduced Overheads and manpower

The self-service portal allows businesses to manage their resources, configuring backup, restoring, monitoring, and vulnerability scan, by themselves; thereby freeing up precious resources and the costs associated with them.

Better User Experience

Providing secure access to users at different levels on resources and required applications as per need.

Better Clarity & Control on Resources

Role-based access control and accurate pay-per-usage billing with automated invoice management give enterprises better visibility and greater control.

Empowered & Yet Controlled

Users are equipped with more control over the access to their resources as required and yet with a ceiling which makes it a controlled environment.

Pivotal Private Cloud Features:
  • Built on powerful Java Micro Services Architecture

  • REST API user interface

  • Multi-level user login with Root admin/Domain admin/users

  • VPC support & Advanced Networking

  • Multi-language support

  • Supports KVM and Xen Hypervisors

  • Multi-zone and multi-region support

  • Simplified VM Provisioning

  • Role-Based Authentication Control (RBAC)

  • Zabbix-based customized advanced monitoring solutions

  • Bacula-based advanced backup solution

  • Chargeback and CloudStack Billing

stackbill for  apache cloudtstack


Private Cloud Case Study

Enterprise Cloud - Public cloud-like features on a private model. Know how adoption to StackBill leveraging features of Apache CloudStack® to help one of the biggest datacenters in China

StackBill Technology

StackBill Technology Stack

Technologies that embrace the infrastructure of StackBill

Java - StackBill Technology
Spring - StackBill Technology
Hibernate - StackBill Technology
StackBill Technology
Maven - StackBill Technology
RabbitMQ - StackBill Technology
MongoDB - StackBill Technology
MySql - StackBill Technology
Angular - StackBill Technology
node - StackBill Technology
Bootstrap - StackBill Technology
Less - StackBill Technology


IaaS can be deployed in Private, Public, or Hybrid models depending entirely on the unique requirements of your business. Click here to speak to an AssistanZ Expert for an in-depth evaluation.