CMP for Enterprises

Enterprises always look for ways to increase efficiencies, both to meet the ever-increasing demands of IT and to check overheads and wastages. Enterprise cloud has evolved from the base idea of virtualisation as a way to meet this need.
Yet, there are several challenges around manual provisioning and management of cloud services. Major technical glitches and complications also result from third party plugin integration and managing disparate cloud platforms; compromising the quality of service that your enterprise customers can expect. Legacy infrastructure that needs to be integrated adds to the complexity.
Additionally, concerns around security and compliance and lack of control over resources also hamper user experience.
Stackbill Cloud Management Portal for Enterprises is designed to address these very challenges, through features such as:
  • Centralised Resource Management of Multiple Cloud Platforms
  • Automation and Self-service Portal for greater business agility
  • Clear cost visibility for clients both at project and user level
  • Centralized security and compliance
  • Seamless integration of 3rd party plugins
  • Multi-cloud Governance
  • Powerful micro-services architecture for simplified Cloud management.
  • Instant deployment

What this means for your business:

Reduced Overheads and manpower

Reduced Overheads and manpower

The self-service portal allows businesses to manage their resources, configuring backup, restoring, monitoring and vulnerability scan, by themselves; thereby freeing up precious resources and the costs associated with them.

Better User Experience

Better User Experience

Providing secure access to users at different levels on resources and required applications as per need.

Better Clarity & Control on Resources

Better Clarity & Control on Resources

Role based access control and accurate pay per usage billing with automated invoice management gives enterprises better visibility and greater control.

Empowered & Yet Controlled

Empowered & Yet Controlled

users are equipped with more control over the access to their resources as required and yet with a ceiling which makes it a controlled environment.

Key Technical Features:
  • Built on powerful Java Micro Services Architecture
  • REST API user interface
  • Multi-level user login with Root admin/Domain admin/users
  • VPC support & Advanced Networking
  • Multi-language support
  • Supports KVM and Xen Hypervisors
  • Multi-zone and multi-region support
  • Simplified VM Provisioning
  • Role-Based Authentication Control (RBAC)
  • Zabbix based customized advanced monitoring solutions
  • Bacula based advanced back-up solution
  • Charge back and billing

Automation & Auto-Scaling

Currently working on Application automation and Auto-scaling based on the monitoring metrics. The portal will support Docker Containers with Kubernetes from February 2020.

Automation & Auto-Scaling

Public cloud like features on a private model

How Assistanz capitalized on the capabilities of CloudStack to help one of the biggest Data centers in China to offer public cloud like features on a private model.


Technology Stack

A set of software that provides the infrastructure of StackBill


IaaS can be deployed in Private, Public or Hybrid models depending entirely on the unique requirements of your business. Click here to speak to an AssistanZ Expert for an in-depth evaluation.

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