Critical Milestones in StackBill Journey

Our unique approach in familiarising to changing global dynamics made us venture into the Cloud and primarily IAAS in early 2012. And since then we have grown and carved a niche for ourselves in this domain.
  • 2012

    Cloud Adoption

    AssistanZ with its IMS pedigree was one of the early adopters of cloud computing by closely monitoring the developments at

  • 2012

    Cloud Portal Development

    Sensing the need for a simple and comprehensive cloud management portal, the cloud team at AssistanZ started developing a full-fledged portal with chargeback module inbuilt into it by the end of 2012.

    The application was initially developed in PHP which faced issues related to stability and was aborted.

  • 2013

    Birth of FogPanel

    AssistanZ determined to come up with its own Cloud Management Portal, this time developed with Grails on Spring Framework and named the product FogPanel – A public cloud portal primarily focusing the web hosting industry.

  • 2014

    FogPanel IP sold to UST Global

    UST Global one of the largest IT companies in the world showed interest and acquired the rights of FogPanel with the inclusion of penStack.

  • 2016

    Transcending to Panda & Deal with Teamsun

    The resolute cloud team at AssistanZ set-out again in the quest to come-up with a much more flexible and holistic solution and named it Panda.

    The whole application was built with a very foresighted thought process where non-core modules can be deployed in a plug and play model with Microservices architecture. Some of the modules are :

    Chargeback Module.

    A monitoring tool which is built on Riemann which proctor's not only ports but also applications real time.

    In addition to this an API was developed to communicate between the APC & Panda portal.

  • 2017

    AZ's Cloud Roadmap

    The projects mentioned below are being currently developed and in its closing stages which will substantiate AssistanZ' capabilities in the cloud space.

    An advanced monitoring tool with BigData based on machine learning to predict downtime and VM health. It also has the capability to monitor the applications.

    A project on auto scaling built on SaltStack.

    A project on Application automation through the CMP using SaltStack.

    rDeployer a remote bare-metal OS installation and application installation tool.


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