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StackBill - Pioneer of CMPs

StackBill is a Pioneer among CMPs that is built on top of Apache CloudStack® which made CloudStack Billing simple for CloudStack users. As a Datacenter or an Enterprise or a Cloud Service Provider, your customer's demand for the technology has expanded multi-fold.

Intuitive User Portal

  • Public Secure Sign-up

  • Complete Self-Service Cloud Resources Management

  • Create/Manage VPC/VPN/L2 Network

  • Create/Manage Container Services

  • Monitoring Compute Resources

  • Autoscaling

  • Marketplace

  • Infra-as-a-Code management using Terraform

  • Billing Manager (Pay-Per-Use)

  • User/Role Management(RBAC)

A quick glance at Instance Creation on the User Portal of StackBill CMP
cloudstack cmp stackbill

State-of-the-art StackBill Admin Portal

  • Create / Manage User Accounts

  • Add/Scale Additional Datacenter locations

  • Setup Plan/Pricings for Cloud Resources

  • 3'rd Party Plugin Manager

  • AD/LDAP Integration

  • Billing & Chargeback Systems

  • Discount & Migration Services (ACS)

  • Trial A/C & Coupon Manager

  • Invoicing & Reporting System

  • Custom Payment Gateway Integration

A quick glance at StackBill Dashboard

What Makes StackBill Different?

StackBill offers a complete on-premises public cloud solution based on powerful Apache CloudStack® with CloudStack Billing to sell your unique flavor of laaS cloud to your end customer. With tons of enterprise grace features like a load balancer, firewall, Auto-scaling & Advanced Monitoring.

Go Live

We assist you to set up StackBill based on your business requirements and automating all the deployment tasks, allowing you to focus on empowering your customers and building every facet of their cloud experience.

Fully Customizable

With our Micro-Service Plugin architecture, any 3'rd party software can be integrated with StackBill seamlessly at no point in time provided with REST APIs, allowing you to have your unique set of features to your end customers.

Empower your Business

Are you ready to step into the cloud service provider business? With revenue-generating capabilities, we give you access to add-ons, third-party plugins, white-label software, transfer tools, and much more to enable you to scale with ease.

Our Clients Delivering Excellence with Stackbill

Core Features of StackBill Cloud Management Portal

What else can StackBill do for you?

Multi-Zone Pricing

Scale up by adding new datacenters/co-locations at any time providing options for end-users to launch an instance in multiple locations.


Help your customers to shift to a cloud-native enabled Kubernetes-based platform and manage the lifecycle of K8s clusters.

Stackbill Autoscaling

Setup a scaling policy based on the CPU/Memory utilization of your cloud & container to autoscale your resources.

Stackbill Advanced server monitoring
Advanced Monitoring

Enable advance monitoring with a click of a button to monitor your cloud and container utilization with 50+ Metrics.

Stackbill Cloud Management Chargeback Icon
Chargeback System

Integrate any 3'rd party payment gateway to charge back your customers with country tax enabled with StackBill CloudStack Billing Product.

stackbill marketplace cloud management portal

Host your apps in the marketplace for free or paid to your end custom to launch the apps in a pay-per-use license model.

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