StackBill at Indian CloudStack User 2023 | Ravi Chandran


The CloudStack Indian User Group event took place on August 18, 2023, in Bangalore. This event brought together CloudStack developers and experts from different parts of India to discuss the latest updates and developments in the Apache CloudStack community. The event featured workshops and presentations on CloudStack. As part of the StackBill team, we gained valuable insights and experiences from these experts, contributing to the development of the CloudStack community.

Mr. Ravi Chandran, our Chief Executive Officer at both StackBill and Assistanz Network Pvt Ltd, brings over 15+ years of technical experience in Linux and Cloud solutions. Currently, Ravi leads Business Development for Apache CloudStack consulting, Storage solutions, and the Stackbill CMP product.


Ceph integration on Apache CloudStack

In the session, Ravi discussed various use cases for integrating Ceph storage with Apache CloudStack infrastructure setup. These use cases involve utilizing primary and secondary storage for CloudStack, ensuring the synchronization and accessibility of VM snapshots across remote zones, enhancing storage for disaster recovery, and maintaining the backup of client VM data. These measures will help ensure the reliability and uptime of CloudStack. Additionally, they will reduce costs and improve performance. Finally, they will provide better control and flexibility to CloudStack users. This will ultimately allow CloudStack to offer a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective cloud service for its users.