StackBilll - Workshop

StackBilll - Workshop| Amal Ranjith

Mr. Amal Ranjith is our Chief Technology Officer of both StackBill and Assistanz Network Pvt Ltd. With over 15 years of technical experience in Linux and Cloud solutions, he is currently heading the technical operations for the StackBill CMP product.

In his presentation, he stated that StackBill is a user-friendly cloud portal that makes it easy to explore all the features of Apache CloudStack. StackBilll is a cloud billing solution designed for CloudStack users, including data centers, Telecom providers, and hosting providers. He also showcased the functionality of both the user and admin panel of the StackBill portal. He also discussed the various features of the StackBill platform, such as creating an instance, network configuration, load balancer, autoscaling, security, and user experience. 

He concluded the presentation by showcasing the potential of the platform in helping businesses streamline their billing processes. He then discussed the benefits that StackBill provides in terms of cost savings, scalability, and reliability. He also highlighted the customer support and technical assistance provided by the StackBill team. Finally, he emphasized the importance of leveraging the cloud platform for businesses to maximize their efficiency.