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Easy Deployment

Our comprehensive platform automates the deployment and sync with any existing CloudStack® IAAS setup within a short period of time.

Simple Platform

Our end-user can easily operate StackBill Cloud Portal. Our intuitive User Interface and User Experience provides infrastructure management easier.

Multi-Zone Pricing

It is easy to scale up by adding new data centers/co-locations at any time providing options for end-users to launch instances in multiple locations.

A quick glance at StackBill CloudStack Billing Product Dashboard



Build your own flexible pricing model with different server configurations sized for any application. With StackBill, users can spin up any compute resource in any connected location with predictable and pay-per-use pricing models.


On-demand Linux/Windows virtual machines. Setup your own plans based on CPU, RAM, and Storage.


Configure Bare Metal or Virtual Servers In Minutes to Handle High-Intensive Workloads with full IPMI access.


A Manageable easy-to-use Kubernetes service provides uptime, scalability, and portability for cloud apps.


Build your own flexible pricing model with different storage configurations sized with IOPS. With StackBill, users can choose any storage resource in any connected location with predictable and pay-per-use pricing models.

Block Storage

New storage hardware and plans can be created for the users to connect with the cloud instances.

SSD Drive

Different storage plans based on IOPS can be created to support storage-intensive workloads with local solid-state disks.


Store and scale vast data unlimitedly by connecting Ceph/RBD on the backend.

Enterprise Storage

Offload your backups by replicating multiple copies of your customer data by connecting with our S3 integrated Plugin.


Plugin with enterprise storage like PowerFlex/ScaleIO for high IOPS workloads.


Customers can now secure and have full control over their applications by creating their own firewalls, load balancers, VPN, VPC, etc, with a pay-per-use model.

Cloud Firewall

Protects applications by filtering unwanted traffic. Filtering occurs outside the customer server infrastructure.

Load Balancer

Distribute the workloads based on the policies that direct end-users to avail resources.


Resources are provisioned isolating customer mission-critical workload by creating a Virtual Private Network to restrict traffic.


Create a VPN tunnel and connect with existing cloud resources isolated in the cloud.

Floating IP

Increases availability by easily switching incoming traffic across server infrastructure.


Resolution is reliable with a scalable Domain Name System (DNS) as a service.

Isolated Network

Isolate workloads by creating Isolated Networks with own private IP address mapped to the resources.

L2 Network

Create an L2 network virtual switch and connect the resources with own private IP address.


Users can easily perform a full scale monitoring of Apps with 50+ metrics with the in-build integration of the two most popular open-source monitoring.


Advanced monitoring can be integrated with 50+ metrics for the customer VMs & apps with a click of a button.


Containers and Kubernetes can be deeply monitored with the power of open-source Prometheus monitoring system.

3rd Party Plugins

Stackbill is flexible to integrate any 3'rd party applications for your needs, currently offering integrations with popular tools like WHMCS, Facebook & Google Marketing tools to track your 3'rd party apps activities inside the portal.


Got your WHMCS systems already? No worry, stackbill can seamlessly integrate with your exsting WHMCS for invoicing.

SMS Gateway

Automate your customers sign-ups using SMS validation by activating the inbuild SMS activation plugin.


Open source VNC console client to connect your VM console for remote access for troubleshooting.

Facebook Pixel

Integrated facebook pixel tracking plugin to trackdown your FB marketing activities.

Google TAGs

Integrated google tag manager plugin with stackbill to monitor your google activities.

Billing & Chargeback

Secure payment and chargeback options integrated with StackBill cloudstack billing portal which enable customers to chargeback their customers with popular payment gateways like PayPal, RazorPay, etc.


Setup multi-currency mode for different regions to chargeback your customers with your own currency.


Integrated EBANX payment gateway to support easy pay with different payment modes.


Integrated RazorPay payment gatway to support easy pay with different payment modes.

Budget Manager

Helps set up alerts based on projects/cloud resources when the budget limit is reached.

Trial A/C

Increase your customer signups by activating "Trail A/C" with free credit limits to explore your services.

Country Tax

Activate the country tax plugin to support regional-based taxes with your services.


With the integrated PayPal payment option, customer can now pay their dues easily via PayPal.

Dev Tools

Stackbill offers API endpoints and SDKs and allows developers to develop and integrate their customized plugins with StackBill. With the integration of Terraform, infra-as-a-code is now possible with StackBill.


With our exposed API endpoints,3'rd party apps can now connect securely to access the required systems.


Additional customization helps developer to build their plugins with the help of our SDKs.


Infra-as-a-code (IAAC) automation is now possible with StackBill to manage their resources with Terraform.

Custom Image

Build & pack any templates and store them in the marketplace for multiple deployments.

Kong API

Get connected with KONG API endpoints to make your provisioning faster with our API End Points.

Discovery Service

Discover & Sync your existing CloudStack setup with our discovery plugin in a minute of time.

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