CMP for Datacenters

StackBill enables you to launch or enhance your public cloud business with highly efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and scalable cloud management portal on top of Apache CloudStack® Orchestration Engine.

Empower Your Datacenter through StackBill CMP

StackBill Cloud Management Portal is a Pioneer among CMPs that is built on top of Apache Cloudstack® which made CloudStack billing easier for CloudStack users. As a Datacenter or a Cloud Service Provider your customers demand over the technology has expanded multi-fold.

Self-service portal

An intuitive and easy-to-use self-service CMP portal allows your customers the freedom to manage their account with minimal handholding. For you, it means lesser manpower costs and overheads.


An efficient CloudStack billing and chargeback mechanism simplifies the process and affords greater clarity and visibility.

Great Uptime

With advanced monitoring and integrated vulnerability scanner, your customers are assured of great uptime.

Differentiated Pricing

Multi-region and multi-zone differential pricing capability means the right pricing strategies for optimum business.

Decisive Datacenter Features:
  • Self Service Portal

  • Open Source Apache CloudStack® Cloud Engine

  • Supported Hypervisors – KVM & Xen

  • Built-in template store

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Advanced Back-up solutions

  • Integrated Vulnerability scanner

  • Multi-language support

  • Multi-zone and multi-region support

  • Whitelabel CMP (Sell on Your Brand Name)

  • Charge back and billing solutions (per hour)

  • WHMCS Integration

cloudstack public cloud portal

Case Study: Empowered Public Cloud

Automated CloudStack Billing and High Security (VPC)

How a Cloud Datacenter from Croatia adopted StackBill with CloudStack® and offered Self-Sevice, Automated Billing and High Security(VPC) especially to government agencies and other customers.

StackBill clients

StackBill Technology Stack

Technologies that embraces infrastructure of StackBill CMP

Java - StackBill Technology
Spring - StackBill Technology
Hibernate - StackBill Technology
StackBill Cloud Management Portal CMP
Maven - StackBill Technology
RabbitMQ - StackBill Technology
Mongo DB -StackBill Technology
MySql - StackBill Technology
Angular - StackBill Technology
Node - StackBill Technology
Bootstrap - StackBill Technology
Less - StackBill Technology

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