StackBill CMP - Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether the Compute Offerings in the User panel is customizable?

Yes, the Compute Offering in StackBill User Portal is customizable in the admin Portal.

Is there any option available for Partners and Resellers?

Yes, this information is available inside the admin Portal of the panel.

Difference Between Quick and Advanced Deploy
  • Quick Deploy - Using Quick Deployment, you can deploy a VM quickly, and the user doesn't need much technical knowledge where all the technical needs are selected as default.

  • Advanced Deploy - Advanced Deployment will allow you to set network firewalls and allows you to select and customize your needs by yourself.

What about Autoscaling for VM and Kubernetes?
  • StackBill VM Autoscaling - StackBill provides solutions for uncertain traffic and resource circumstances through autoscaling features. It scales up & down based on the configuration policies.

  • Kubernetes Autscaling - Scale vertically as well as horizontally with cluster autoscaling (CA) and horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA).

What about RBAC Privileges?

StackBill - RBAC, improves overall security control and defines the level of access at both broad and granular levels. It also ensures confidentiality and availability through its decentralized access control.

What are the StackBill Security Measures?

StackBill’s access, network, and application-level controls mitigate the security risks through its inbuilt State of Art features like VPC, VPN, L2 network firewall & 3’rd party firewall hardware integration.

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